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Pachakuti Foods Aynoka

Plant Powered MILQ 

Crafted from Native Quinoa

Plant Protein for a Healthy Life and a Greener world


Drop the Dairy. Drink some rich Mountain Protein. 

Quinoa and Tarwi are some of the best sources of plant protein around, guaranteed by thousands of years of full bellies and pristine mountain landscapes. Unlike low-quality nut protein, our MilQ has a beautiful balance of amino acids that is just right for a healthy diet. We believe that dairy free should be better, for you and for the planet. With Peruvian superfood ingredients, a passion for flavors, and a special hand crafted touch, we make it possible. 

All Natural Dairy Free MilQ that you have to taste to believe.

We only use the best ingredients and we pack more Quinoa and Tarwi into every glass than anyone else. We like to be generous and you can taste it in the rich, creamy texture of our beverages. That's why our MILQ is such a great addition to smoothies, coffee, pancakes, you name it. No need for artificial thickeners. Who needs cow's milk when you have the power of andean grains?


Conserve Biodiversity. Support Andean Ecosystems and Rural Communities. 

Quinoa grows in too many shapes and colors to properly count. We believe in restorative ecosystems that are naturally biodiverse. We also believe in the smallholder farmers who are protectors of biodiversity, clean soil, and clean water should not live in poverty. We buy native quinoa directly from rural communities at above-market prices. This provides a better income for farmers practicing organic sustainable agriculture that protects mountain ecosystems rather than destroying them.

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