Our Mission is to support Andean farmers and protect agrobiodiversity by creating markets for native quinoa and other superfoods in ways that provide the greatest possible benefit to producers, consumers and the environment.

Our model involves buying underutilized, threatened, native Andean crops directly from Andean farmers. 


As small holder farmers in Peru try to move out of poverty, they often abandoned culturally important, genetically diverse crops and native varieties, and plant highly sought after varieties of commercial crops that have a higher market value. Following this conventional market demand causes farmers to lose genetic diversity that would otherwise help them preserve cultural significance, enhance landscape health and fight climate change.


By creating new markets for native crops and varieties, we are incentivizing Andean farmers to continue to plant them. As these native varieties continue to evolve, the farmers will have solutions to face climate change and aid in regenerative agricultural practices.

KAI PACHA FOODS orders native crops from Andean farmers
ANDEAN PRODUCERS sow native crops high in genetic diversity 
NATIVE VARIETIES adapt to local environmental conditions over time 

By using these native crops and varieties, we can produce very high quality value added products while maximizing the value of underutilized Andean crops.  For a single product, we can use various local varieties in different shapes, sizes and colors. This will allow us to work alongside farmers to protect and conserve genetic diversity.

Diversity in the Andes presents endless possibilities for making innovative new products that consumers will love. Kai Pacha Foods' first products will focus on native quinoa varieties. However, future plans involve making value added products with additional underutilized, culturally and environmentally important native crops and varieties.